With hard work, big brains and refined taste, Miniforms has reached the level of a large factory that offers a handful of functional and aesthetically beautiful products that will make your space original and special.

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Although he was only eighteen years old, he was very mature, so Luigi Bardini already knew then that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, that is, to deal with business.

Since he had to start somewhere, he started selling staples to the local industry and was very good at it. After only two years as a sales representative, he decided to switch from staples to wooden furniture, establishing a factory with the help of two partners.

INVETA started as a trio, but after two months it got a new name and one owner. In the next thirty years, everything happened. Like every beginning of a story, it started with the first failed product, and eventually led to the first big success.

In 2009 Luigi handed over the company to his sons Alessandro, Matteo and Mario. At this point, a few things have changed since then. Young designers were chosen, more was invested, and due to the desire to stand out, they made several innovations in furniture design. Shapes became rounded, and the product became iconic and avant-garde, but above all colorful.

In fact, while they’ve always loved color, Miniforms has always used it sparingly. But fears should be faced openly, so first we were introduced to strong colors, such as yellow, red and green. At first it was strange to see such a lively seat! Then we became friends with colors, became more confident and started experimenting with a wider palette full of different shades

“Like all transformations, building a brand takes time. They decided to stay away from labels, because ultimately they just do what they love, and they do it with pride. As they say, if we are tied to tradition, it’s not because it’s fashionable, but because because we grew up in these areas and with such a way of working.”

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