A brand that, with its products, allows you to bring originality to your home and play up the space

Lago furniture

Meet Lago, a brand whose products enable you to bring originality to your home and play with space. Namely, in the creation of its products, Lago included maximum creativity and played with glass, in such a way that glass forms the construction of furniture, i.e. changes the appearance of classic legs. In this way, the impression is created that the furniture is floating in the air.

Of course, apart from glass as a base, you can also find furniture with more conventional constructive solutions, but with the playfulness of processing the front in a carefully designed collection of colors and graphic prints on the glass.

“Take a look at the innovative offer that this brand has and let your imagination run wild.”


The history of Lago dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, when Policarpo Lago began his career as an artisan woodworker in noble villas and Venetian churches. The next generation continued the tradition, starting the production of bedrooms, and later also of entrance furniture.

Today, Lago has a global presence and includes more than 400 carefully selected furniture stores and numerous individual LAGO brand stores in cities throughout Italy and Europe.

They describe their brand as a multicellular organism that feeds on diversity, making the most of it, expanding far beyond the boundaries of its headquarters, engaged in a continuous state of influence that brings endless new energy and ideas.

Take a look at the innovative offer this brand has and let your imagination run wild.

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