Arketipo by Art interijeri


We present Arketipo – a novelty in the Art interior offer.

Arketipo firenze is an Italian brand known for the search for high-quality materials and the study of new forms of design.

With Archetype, ideas become unique and original objects. For this company, design is the starting point of all projects, a value that makes every product a work of art. The specialty lies in choosing the best, new and functional. They often find inspiration in a parallel world, making classic materials innovative and vice versa.

Inspiration comes from the harmony of materials and shades of colors that go beyond modernity and create a lifestyle between dreams and provocation. Arketipo explores our perceptions, combines design and traditional Florentine craftsmanship in fabrics and leathers.

Perfection becomes banal and makes a difference in the demonstration of manual techniques and ways that are always different.

The result is the uniqueness of each product.