Achieving a luxurious and unique look that leaves everyone breathless, we guarantee that you will achieve it precisely by choosing these kitchens.

Dada kitchens

Are you looking for modular, built-in kitchens with an island or peninsula that fit the style of every home?

We present you Dada kitchens, an Italian brand for quality and designer kitchens. Its beginning dates back to 1926. when a small carpentry workshop was created, founded by Angelo Garavaglia. Garavaglia’s eldest sons enter the business, giving life to the company “Angelo Garavaglia e figli”, a furniture factory. In the 1950s, the company expanded with the construction of the first industrial warehouses, and the business switched to serial production of cabinets and kitchens.

“Dada kitchens are decorated with an innovative opening system with extremely thin doors (only 13 millimeters), the contrast between the thickness of the sides (thin) and the worktops (thicker), the alternation between weights and materials to achieve a sophisticated, dynamic effect and without visible handles which gives the impression continuous units.”


At the instigation of Gaetano Garavaglia, a new brand DADA was created, furniture for haute cuisine, which became the company’s logo, abandoning the old acronym “Angelo Garavaglia e figli”. From a small workshop dedicated to making furniture and doors and windows, the business expanded and transformed until it became a furniture and kitchen factory for mass production in the 1950s. New industrial halls were built near the old laboratory.

Encouraged by the economic boom and the innovative impulse given by the founder’s sons (Pierino, Lorenzo, Virginio and Gaetano), the expansion continued in 1972. The name of the company was changed to “DADA, haute cuisine furniture”. The business moved to new and modern warehouses in Meser (MI), where it is still located today. The company’s style was transformed through collaboration with innovative designers such as Angelo Cortesi, Georges Coslin and Giovanni Offredi

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