Outdoor furniture largely determines the atmosphere and dictates the first impression of the space. Varaschin is the leader in the production of outdoor and garden furniture in the world.

Varascha furniture

The company from the Veneto region has been making furniture and accessories since 1969. years. In order to always be in step with the times, they draw inspiration from the most developed style scenarios as well as contemporary design.

The company’s expertise is based on a good knowledge of craftsmanship as well as production skills. The perfect combination of form and function, which also keeps comfort at the heart of the design, is an ideal combination.

Varaschin invites people to live outdoors and be in contact with nature in order to achieve psychophysical well-being through the combination of comfort and ergonomics.

Outdoor Therapy – the quality of the product is also given by high craftsmanship and the use of first-class materials such as synthetic fibers, acrylic fabrics, wood, aluminum, ceramics, etc.

“Vraschin products are made by internationally known designers and art experts. By combining tradition and innovation, they achieve modern design.”

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