If you are looking for a quality and then a beautiful bed, TWILS is the right solution for you. We are sure that you will find something for yourself from the rich TWILS offer

Twils furniture

Four brothers together with their father and almost four decades of success.

The beginning of the realization of the dreams of the visionary father and his four sons began in 1982. year in Veneto.

The story behind the name of the company is very simple, TWILS got its name by combining the first letters of the names of Tiziao, Wilma, Luisella and Simone. Not long after the formation of the name, a collaboration with designers was launched, which continues to this day.

Twils prefers natural raw materials, and most of their fabrics are made of cotton and linen. The assortment of fabrics for beds includes about 400 fabrics, while about 200 fabrics are offered for bed linen, which is quite a lot and allows customers to personalize the product.

All covers and bed linen are sewn by hand to meet the highest quality standards.

“Beds and bedding woven with a golden thread of design is the best description for TWILS.”

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