A love story for wood that lasts 70 years.

Garbelotto parquet floors

The Garbelotto family’s love for wood and many years of experience and continuous technological research have made it possible to achieve excellence in the production of a wide range of wooden floors and accessories.

They specialize in selecting the best wood, domestic and foreign, which they process in their plant in the province of Treviso.

The entire production cycle of the Garbelotto wooden floor and the Master Floor Line is completely carried out in their factories, from the process of cutting, gluing to finishing, in order to guarantee clients a certified Made in Italy product as prescribed by decree no. 135 of 25. September 2009 and the possibility of their adaptation at any stage of construction.

“The Garbelott Group is constantly growing; every year it invests in new advanced machines and skilled workers to combine technology and innovation with craftsmanship and knowledge.”


The value of a wooden floor combined with its practicality in installation. The perfect floor for any room thanks to endless personalization options.


Elegance with a touch of classic for an artistic impression in your space.


The Clip Up System® is an innovative patented installation system of the Parchettificio Garbelotto R&D department that allows easy and quick parquet installation, with the great advantage of being able to replace one or more parts at any time.


Garbelotto has patented an innovative solution that wants to reproduce the “navy style” of laying, which we usually see on yachts and ships, private houses or in public places such as wellness centers, spas and shopping areas.

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