The new 2023 collection between bold colours and iconic influences


Baxter is pleased to present its latest creative triumph: the Mood Book 2023.

A Research book that reveals a collection designed to transform the space into an art gallery, with an eclectic fusion of styles and influences. The collection stands out for its bold and sophisticated use of colour, and for three unusual mix and matches of nuances and materials.

The first mood is a declaration of love for electric blue. This bold and vibrant colour is enhanced by the combination with Grand Antique d’Aubert marble, creating an extraordinary contrast that catches the
eye. The warm reflections of brass and yellow onyx add a note of luxury and sophistication to this extraordinary mix of materials.

We then enter a world of calm and serenity with aquamarine as the dominant colour. This soothing
tone is paired with black-stained concrete and ash finishes, creating a charming contrast between the freshness of the water and the industrial strength. The result is a feeling of peace that transforms the environment into an oasis of tranquillity.

The third palette aims to convey total abandonment to the reassuring effect of powder pink. This delicate and fascinating colour is illuminated by the silver travertine, creating a mix of textures and reflections that gives a feeling of calm to the space.
The new Baxter collection draws on multiple sources of inspiration, from Majorelle blue to Pop Art, to Studio 54, to create an unprecedented experience.
This year’s three moods offer endless design possibilities, while influences from different eras and styles create a fascinating mix of past and present.
Discover the Baxter lifestyle and be inspired by the timeless beauty of its designs.