New in Art Interiors – Avant-Après set, innovative design by designer Sergio Bicego for Saba .

Flexible set with soft and seductive shapes, leaves the impression of airiness of the space, and above all amazes with numerous possibilities of transformation, thanks to the unique armrest that can be placed in different positions along the entire seat base of the set.

The Avant-Après set adapts to the needs of the household – by simply moving the comfortable and padded armrest, the set transforms into different compositions – for rest, for reading, for hanging out with friends or for an afternoon break

An effective addition to the design of the set is a movable wooden stand, which is placed along the sitting part of the set, and has the function of a coffee table, used to store books, newspapers, and refreshments. A wide range of colors and materials are available, the covers of the sets can be removed and are washable, so maintenance is also easy.

The Avant-Après set is an attractive part of the interior, signed by the renowned designer Sergio Bicego for Saba, and in addition to its superior aesthetics, it is characterized by quality, comfort and flexibility.