We present a new product in the Arketipo firenze Art interior offer.

Arketipo Firenze is an Italian brand known for its pursuit of high-quality materials and the study of new forms of design. With Arketipo, ideas become unique and original.

subjects. For this company, design is the starting point of all projects, a value that makes every product a work of art. The specialty lies in the selection of the best, new and

functional. Inspiration comes from the harmony of materials and shades of colors that go beyond modernity and create a lifestyle between dreams and provocation. Archetype explores ours

perceptions, combines design and traditional Florentine production of fabrics and leathers.

Sofa Auto – reverse is a sofa with a strong personality. Her apparently casual and untidy appearance is in contrast to the order and extraordinary care for details, in order to obtain

object with sharp style and high quality.

The thin construction, elegant and discreet, envelops and contains cushions for the seat, back and arms.

The zip on four sides of the cushions, fastens the double-sided cover, one in leather and one in fabric, gives rigor to the sofa and emphasizes its distinctive design.

The result is a sofa in which the softness and warmth of the fabric coexists with the elegance of the leather.